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We place puppies in loving homes in Michigan and around the US, including Kalamazoo, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights, Lansing, Flint, Ann Arbor, Fla, Ind, LA, Clinton, Mexico, Brazil. All of the puppies offered on this website are from our extensive World Wide Yorkies of Multi Champions from Artistically Bred Yorkie breeders. Shipping is available, also Hand delivery service. 

Please make sure you are ready for the adoption . Some of my fur babies have different names then they do on there registration papers if you are adopting with papers.  

Deposits & Payments are non refundable. Prices may change at anytime with out notice. If we have talked and you have stated you are buying one of my fur babies at a set price it will be honored. 

My verbal adoptions are binding even if you have not signed it . This is a life time agreement. There are not refunds on layaway's or deposits that are made. All of my Yorkshire Terriers are to be kept on NuVet Plus when leaving my care Call 1-800- 474-7044 Give this code when ordering 48122
Artistically Bred Biewers & Yorkies are of high quality, raised with absolute integrity.
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Very small about 4-5 lb  Charlie Brown Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier proven male throw's teacups  Sweet, loving & beautiful! He is up to date on all vet care.  About 6 years old. 
Available  as a pet $400.00 Plus $100.00 until you have him fixed and then the $100.00 will  be returned to you after Irecieve the vet paper work stating he has been fixed within 1 month 

Give A Yorkie Puppy or young adult A Loving Home!

Artistically Bred worldwideyorkies in Hickory Corners Michigan is offering beautiful Yorkshire puppies & young adults  to take home.  
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Why Choose A Breeder? This breeder has a 40 yr vet reference of Debbie's Yorkie's 
being Healthy. Visit our reference page to review it. 

With a breeder, there is comfort in the knowledge that you're going to be getting the type of pup you want, and you'll know that you won't have to worry about any unpleasant surprises that may result from puppy mill pups.

Fashion Forward, Momma Diva & Parqins King Arthur have a planned litter on the way

I offer non refundable free layaway, free short term or a fee for long term layaway 

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 Why are we all so healthy? Because we are bred from  Multi     World Champion Yorkshire Terriers and we get great care.

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             Located in the in Michigan Kalamazoo Area

                        Layaway & Shipping is available 

43 & 20  yr vet references and references from happy families on my reference pages. Check them out you will be glad you did. 

 I sometimes  barter if you have something you may like to Trade 

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Bam Bam Biewer Yorksire Terrier adult 3 lbs, cobby body, sweet loving, micro boy, funny like a real child. Just turned 2 yrs old. 4 House broken. Plays games 
Call for more information   
In a new short puppy clip 
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​Dec  23, 2016

 Ladies please let me be the first to tell you that Debbie Nap is a God Sent! I just adopted "Velcro" I'm the lady with the wee little guy in my coat. Debbie knows her  yorkies.  I lost my yorkie son in October he was my therapy dog. I've had Velcro now 24 hours and I'm so in love with my new son. Debbie will answer any questions you have. She goes above and beyond for these babies. She has a heart of gold and is a pure animal lover like myself. I haven't posted any new pictures yet because me, my husband and our son are all getting adjusted. Debbie loves these babies so very much! She not only has helped me and my husband Matt start healing but she is Family now!! 

God Bless you Debbie Nap!!!! Merry Christmas! 
P.S. maybe by Christmas we will have settled on a name. lol

 Elizabeth Bailey 

Pearl has a cobby lil body,  short lil leggs 
13 months old 3 lb  Yorkshire Terrier. Sweet, Loving. A living Doll! Loves to travel. Minds well. Comes when called. A pleasure to add this girl to anyones home. Pee pad trained. Has had all shots and wormed. 
Call for more information  Located in Michigan. I do hand deliver 269 671 5390