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I Deborah Nap will always share my pedigree's and photo's of any and all of my Yorkshire Terriers. Even after they have been sold. As these are my Artistically Bred Multi World Champion Bloodlines. 

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Pocket Book  Teacup about 2 lbs 
Cinderella a Golddust Yorkshire Terrier
Birth Date July 4th as a pet only 
Rembrandt Micro Tea cup Golddust Yorkshire Terrier one of the worlds smallest. About 2 - lbs when full grown 
Male Birth July 4th As a Companion pet  or  With Papers 
Tinkerbell Yorkshire Terrier teacup won 1st place at the Petco Halloween contest 2013 Birth June 16 As a Companion pet  ONLY 
 Mozart Tiny Toy Sire a AKC Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier. His Dam is Golddust. Birth July 4th As a Companion pet  or Show Prospect with papers 

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      Our mommy is the only one we found in the world to have a vet reference of                 only healthy Yorkie's for over 38 years and that she has always been Honest. 

            Free short term Layaway  - I sometimes Barter VIP Shipping is available 
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 Coco Chanel Born Oct 14th he is one the highest titled Yorkie's in the world. Pet only or Show  prospect Click on the pedigree above to view some of her bloodlines 
Boy Toy -  Golddust Yorkshire Terrier puppy male 1 year old sweet fun boy $1,500.00  as a companion pet  or with papers call our mommy 


Hello Deb,

It's been over a year since Magic became ours. January 15, 2014 was his one year anniversary! He is so smart, and so perfect. He has a following of so many people that I have lost count. He's so good, he is welcome everywhere we go. He's been to casinos dozens of times, and is welcome with us at our favorite restaurants. He goes with me to hair appointments, shopping, movie theatrer, and most every time we leave the house, which we now refer to as "MAGIC'S KINGDOM".

We drove to Colorado to spend Christmas with our kids. Magic was a good little traveler. That was one long drive. He sat behind us in his doggie car seat with the seat belt fastened,and we stoped often for pee calls and for him to exercise. 

Magic maintains his weight at six pounds. His groomer is happy to see him each month and keeps him looking so handsome. About his wardrobe.....he has more cothes than his dad!! He was a big hit when he wore his new Santa Claus Suit for Christmas.

I could go on about him for hours...but you already know what a smart pertect little guy he is.

Thanks for this wonderul addition to our family. One of these days we will have to drive over and you can see for yourself how handsome and funny he is. He follows me like a shadow.

Warm Regards

Patt & Al 
@Magic's Kingdom
Another Happy person sharing about their Artistically Bred Yorkie they adopted 1 yr ago
             New York Pet Fashion Model 
  Artistically Bred Queen Genevieve 2014 

Scooter  Born Oct 14th he is one the highest titled Yorkie's in the world. Pet or Show  prospect
​Noah is on the right. His teacup Tulip his sister on the left of him. German/American bred Biewer Yorkshire Terrier 12 weeks old. Noah is Biro sired! Available as a companion Pet  or show prospect
Cleopatra Yorkshire Terrier Female Multi World Champions Birth June 16 As a Companion pet or With Papers
​Teacup Tulip A Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Biro sired 12 weeks old maybe 1 /2 lb 
Available as a pet only Call our mommy for more information 
 Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Girl Biro sired 12 weeks old 
Available as a Show Prospect or a companion pet           Call our mommy for more information 

​         Artistically Bred Yorkie Puppies
    Vet 38 years Vet Reference of Health 
                 Layaway is avaiable 
    Adults starting at only 500.00 as pets 

Noah at 8 weeks old

Prince George is a lovely boy. Going on 9 months old Golddust sired.  He has been chipped short. Will grown out quickly Available as a Show Prospect or a companion pet 
Charlie Brown Jr is 1 yr old Chocolate / Golddust sired Available as a Show Prospect or a companion pet